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Social Justice Coalition - promote social justice

Social Justice Coalition is a voluntary association and a non-profit organisation working towards the advancement of social justice through campaigns for safe, healthy, and dignified communities where the constitutional rights to life, dignity, equality, freedom, and safety are made tangible in the lives of all people, but especially those living in informal settlements.


To promote active citizenship through campaigns that resonate with the majority of South Africans;

To equip citizens with knowledge and tools necessary to ensure accountable, open and responsive governance and the realization of the most basic constitutional rights;

To pair activism and advocacy with the development of constructive relationships with government and other stakeholders to ensure improved levels of access to sanitation facilities and significant improvements to existing infrastructure and conditions in informal settlements;

To improve the functioning of the criminal justice system in Khayelitsha; and

To develop community leaders that can promote social justice and hold government accountable; and to build partnerships and engage in dialogue to support the primary campaigns of the SJC and to advance their broader vision and principles.

Ideas into action