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Cycad Species Protection - Endangered Wildlife Trust

Cycads across the globe face several threats ranging from: trade in wild collected plants, habitat destruction, traditional use, threats of alien vegetation, un-viable populations. In South Africa the biggest threat and challenge facing cycads is the poaching and illegal trade of cycads resulting in dwindling wild populations. There is an urgent need for authorities in South Africa to focus attention on our cycads, to prevent further extinctions in the wild and to allow for the recovery of current endemic cycad populations.

Project objectives

There are two main focus areas of this project.

The first component will consist of the roll out of specialised cycad identification and enforcement skills training programme, aimed at law enforcement officials, who are mandated to protect cycads, but lack the necessary specialised skills.

The second component of the project will be a dedicated awareness campaign for the judicial system to make state prosecutors and magistrates aware of the consequences of cycads becoming extinct and the reasons why successful convictions and maximum penalties are essential for effective enforcement in relation to cycad conservation.

Millennium Trust is providing the matching funding in the grant application by EWT to the Safe Our Species Fund (SOS) for this project.

Ideas into action