Millennium Trust

Corruption Watch - support action against corruption

A civil society institution that enables other organisations and citizens to address corruption contributes meaningfully to the combined efforts of many South-Africans to increase accountability of those in positions of power and to remedy possible corrupt activities.

Project Objectives

Providing facilities that enable citizens, including public sector officials, to record their experiences of corruption on a confidential basis (‘whistle blowing’);

Investigating alleged instances of ‘serious’ corruption with a view to handing these to the law enforcement agencies or the public protector;

Identifying corruption ‘hot spots’ and mounting special investigations in known corruption ‘hot spots’;

Analyzing information to identify patterns of corruption in respect of particular activities, government departments, geographical areas, economic sectors, organisations and related factors.;

Disseminating the findings through a variety of channels; including a website and in the mainstream media; and

Engaging with like-minded institutions in advocacy activities and policy debates regarding corruption.


Ideas into action