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CapeNature Stewardship - support the Table Mountain Fund

The Western Cape includes two globally recognised Biodiversity Hotspots, with many threatened ecosystems and exceptional numbers of threatened plant species. Establishment of additional protected areas in the most threatened and under-conserved habitats in the Western Cape are essential. CapeNature is currently using Biodiversity Stewardship as its main mechanism for Protected Area expansion. The Table Mountain Fund will ensure the long term management of new Protected Areas created by the Cape Stewardship Programme.

Project Objectives

Conserving the biological diversity of the Greater Cape Floristic Region, particularly Fynbos and allied ecosystems, which are of global significance.

Secure the conservation of globally significant biological diversity on privately-owned land, by way of facilitating, promoting or implementing formal undertakings between the landowner and the statutory provincial conservation agency, CapeNature, with the use of incentives, inducements and rewards from the TMF Stewardship Fund.

Establishing and maintaining one or more capital funds to ensure an ongoing source of finance for achieving the above objectives.



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