Millennium Trust

EdVillage - Support quality eduation in low income communities

EdVillage is a global education non-profit organization that identifies and supports transformational school models and education entrepreneurs around the world that seek to provide a high quality, university preparatory education for children from economically disadvantaged communities.

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to make quality schooling more available at lower fee levels, by contributing to a more favourable regulatory environment for low fee private schooling and supporting existing low fee private schools to become more successful.

EdVillage will:

Deepen the understanding of the national and provincial government funding of basic education and outline policy changes that will allow quality schools to receive a greater amount of state funding and the necessary autonomy to produce high quality results;

Promote policy changes that will allow quality schools to receive a greater amount of state funding and autonomy amongst important stakeholders in South African Basic Education;

Visit and identify schools providing high quality education to learners from low income communities and who wish to increase their enrolment or establish a new school;
Design a School Review Tool that identifies the basic criteria for performance at high performing schools and piloting this tool;

Provide support to schools that desire to increase their involvement and support schools or school networks to establish new schools;

Develop a business plan as the basis for a program which will be used to upgrade the instruction and leadership skills of selected teachers and school principals;

Develop a business plan for a program that develops the skills of new school principals; and help selected schools begin to develop and implement teacher performance management systems and data driven instructional practises.

Ideas into action