Millennium Trust

Table Mountain Fund

The Table Mountain Fund initiates, develops and funds projects that restore and protect the natural wilderness of Table Mountain and the broader Western Cape region as a valuable heritage accessible to all South Africans. The Fund, which is widely supported by civil society, government and multinational agencies has invested in more than 120 projects to date. These projects have successfully built local capacity for conservation action, raised environmental awareness, contributed to the scientific understanding of local conservation issues, and protected and restored critically important terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats within the Cape (a region that has the highest concentration of plant species in the World, over 70% of which occur nowhere else on Earth).

The Millennium Trust is providing support to the Table Mountain Fund’s Stewardship project, which was started in collaboration with CapeNature in 2003 in response to the urgent need to protect and restore the Cape’s natural areas. The Stewardship programme engages with landowners, encouraging them to become stewards of their land, i.e. to manage it in a sustainable and conservation-minded way. Landowners voluntarily sign their property into a conservation agreement, and are provided with a management plan for the property and, depending on the level of agreement, with assistance in carrying out management activities (such as alien clearing, river and wetland restoration, and erosion control).

Less than 20% of the natural landscape remains, existing as disconnected fragments scattered across the landscape. These fragments are not able to sustain the ecological processes required for species survival, are vulnerable to climate change and show reduced delivery of the critical ecosystem services on which our lives depend (such as water provision). The stewardship project aims to connect and expand the remaining pristine areas to create a network of natural corridors across the landscape, reclaiming the Cape’s scenic beauty and providing space for people, ecosystems and wildlife to thrive.




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