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Centre for Development and Enterprise

Since its establishment in 1995, CDE had steadily increased its impact. It is now widely regarded as the country’s leading economic and social policy think-tank. It is also the most prominent centre promoting and defending the role of companies and markets in national development.

South Africa needs a consistent, credible voice for a more competitive, market-driven society and a high-growth and inclusive economic strategy.

CDE’s work focusses on two key policy areas:

  • South Africa’s economic growth strategy and youth employment; and
  • A market-oriented approach to education and skills development.
  • CDE’s success has been based on its ability to:
  • develop practical and detailed new policies and approaches that will have a chance of working;
  • speak out consistently and effectively on how best to meet core national challenges;
  • engage in the debates within and around the government and to participate in every opportunity to influence government, parliament, members of the ruling alliance, or civil society actors.

CDE’s work, including the executive director’s book on the case for business in developing economies, has led to a new set of relationships and opportunities beyond South Africa’s borders.

As the balance of power and influence in the world shifts from West to East, the South African government is looking towards non-Western countries as increasingly influential reference points.

In this context, CDE has established a consortium of think-tanks of the South. We have started with India and Brazil, where our partners are the leading political/economic policy research institute in New Delhi and the most prestigious think-tank in Sao Paulo. The aim of the consortium is to focus on issues of democracy and inclusive economic growth.

May 2011

Ideas into action