The objectives of this project of the SJC are to facilitate the implementation of the recommendation of the Khayelitsha commission of Inquiry in order to ensure a democratic police service and the safety, justice, and equality for poor and working class people in South Africa;

  • (a) to compel the Minister of Police to implement the recommendations of the O-Regan-Pikoli Commission of Inquiry, in particular to review the equitable and irrational allocation of resources to police precincts in poor and working class areas, to issue guidelines on the visible policing of informal settlements, and to develop a plan on how to address vigilantism;
  • (b) to improve the democratic participation of poor and working class communities in proving safety and policing in Khayelitsha and other poor communities and implementing the Commission's recommendations;  and
  • (c) to expand the implementation of additional and adequate built environment resources, such as streetlights and CCTV cameras that can contribute to improved safety and policing.