Celebrating what is Good and Wonderful in South Africa

The Grassy Park Rowing Club is based at the Zeekoevlei Yacht Club and is affiliated to Rowing South Africa.  The Club aims to bring the sport of rowing to high school students in the Grassy Park and surrounding communities.  Grassy Park Rowing Club aims to grow the number of participating athletes and to develop very competitive crews, especially in the U14 to U16 age groups, to provide the athletes with the appropriate equipment and training programs to train to the best of their ability a and to afford the athlete the opportunity to take part in competitions and regattas where possible.

The focus of the Gary Kirsten Foundation (GKF) is to provide quality infrastructure to township schools and to create sustainable cricket programmes facilitated by accredited GKF community coaches.  The Gary Kirsten Foundation has supplied five Township Schools with newly constructed artificial cricket nets, complete kit bags with cricket equipment and a full-time cricket coach, under the guidance of GKF. 

Millennium Trust is supporting the building of an indoor cricket training facility that will provide access to cricket coaching to 10 schools in the region who have no sports facilities and allow for the cricket programme to continue in the winter months.

The purpose of the Flower Valley Conservation Trust is conserving fynbos landscapes, conserving livelihoods and connecting people to nature.   The Flower Valley Conservation Trust plays an important role in preserving fynbos in the Agulhas basin region.   In 2020 they plan to (a) complete the annual plan of operations for the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative alien clearing project which includes clearing of 5192 hectares by March 2020, and sustaining fourteen contractors with work for the full twelve months;  (b) continue supporting landowners with good fynbos management through management plans, herbicide assistance and starting the release of biocontrol;  (c) complete induction training for 150 alien clearers and in-field training for 100 harvesters to ensure best practices, as well as certified training for 30 alien clearers;  (d) refine the existing spatial monitoring of alien invasive species and fynbos harvesting across the landscape using a GIS database, drone mapping and photography; and (e) implement the sustainable harvesting assurance system for 30 businesses within the cut flower sector.

The Siya Kolisi Social Impact Projects is a partnership that focus on the development of young people in low income communities. In the Mbekweni Project - this partnership works together with the local community and town administration to contribute to the development of the Mbekweni Youth Centre’s multi-functional establishment in Mbekweni township, Paarl that focuses on health, wellness, career and personal development of the youth (outside of schools). The sports field is easily accessible and opens the possibility to host Stormers training sessions/ games and a possible nationwide township school rugby festival. The aim is that the centre serves as a refuge for kids with a lasting impact on the Mbekweni youth. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by May 2020. 

In the Zwide Project – the partnership works together with the local community and the management of the Emsengeni Primary School, the school attended by Siya Kolisi, management to improve the facilities at the school which will include the development of a sports field with adequate facilities, the revamp of bathrooms and the implementation of security measures at the school to protect its facilities.  The field will be fully accessible to the young people in the community and will serve as a refuge for kids with a lasting impact on the Zwide youth. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by September 2020. 

Zapiro has been the editorial cartoonist for various publications in South Africa. He has won numerous awards and has been an outspoken supporter of freedom of speech in South Africa. Daily Maverick is currently the only publisher of Zapiro cartoons in South Africa. Millennium Trust is supporting Daily Maverick to cover the costs of these cartoons and keep his work accessible to the wider public. Zapiro publishes 14 cartoons per month and generates significant traffic, discussion and impact on broader social media platforms.

The Table Mountain Fund is an independent trust founded and managed by WWF South Africa and dedicated to the conservation and protection of the globally significant biological diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.   The Table Mountain Fund develops and funds projects to protect and restore the world-famous natural heritage of the Cape, known as the Fynbos.   

With the Biodiversity Stewardship Programme the Table Mountain Fund has been working with CapeNature to assist them to grow the Protected Area Network of the fynbos biome.   The programme provides incentives and rewards for individual landowners, who are willing to sign Biodiversity Agreements with Cape Nature and thereby expand the formal protected area network of the Western Cape.   The land is either been declared as a Contract Nature Reverse (or is in the process of being declared) or is conserved through contractual Biodiversity agreements with Cape Nature.   

Since 2018 Millennium Trust is supporting a second project, with the aim to protect (and legally secure) critical biodiversity areas contained within privately owned lands.   This objective will be achieved through supporting landowners of high priority biodiversity with the conversion of their private nature reserves into Private Nature Reserves, compliant with the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act. The Western Cape Protected Area Expansion Strategy is the combined vision of all stakeholders engaged in Protected Area expansion within the Western Cape. The objective of the current project, “Re-valuing the contribution of private nature reserves to the Western Cape Protected Area Network” is to increase the legal compliance in the network.

The aims of the project are to establish a research position for a fish palaeontologist in South Africa and to employ Dr Robert Gess in a contract full-time position at the Albany Museum in Grahamstown; to explore and research South Africa's globally significant late Devonian fossil heritage; and to disseminate knowledge thereof to the scientific community through publishing at least nine scientific papers in relevant ISI-ranked scientific journals.

Open Streets Cape Town is a citizen-driven initiative working to change how people use, perceive and experience streets. The objectives of the project are to consolidate the Open Streets Days programme that can help bridge the spatial and social divide of Cape Town through experiential learning in public space; to mobilise local community to ensure buy in and strengthen participation in the planning of Open Street Days; to incorporate new partners into the programme in order to provide targeted activities to the youth (sports, art and culture); to evaluate and document the process in order to grow the programme in collaboration with local government and partners and to assess the feasibility for replication in the different locations in future.


The University of Cape Town's Opera School has developed a reputation by producing opera singers of major world standing.  The Opera School prides itself on discovering exceptional vocal talent amidst impoverished communities that are rich in a singing culture and training them in all aspects of opera performance to be accomplished artists for a global stage.  The trustees wish to support the Opera School.  The trustees prefer that the distribution go towards the costs associated with inviting international experts in opera (directors, singers, actors) to conduct project -based training at the UCT Opera School.  The funds should also be used to cover production costs, or one-to-one coaching needs.  If needed, the Director of the Opera School could also use the distribution towards the Angelo Gobbato bursary or the George Stevens bursary, but not towards the UCT Financial Aid programme in general.

The objectives of the project are to provide the athletes in the South African National Rowing Squad with a sustainable home-base facility that is geared and equipped to support their training requirements at Olympic medal standards; to build a latent pool of athletes from U16 upwards and from all regions and population groups; to retain the service of the key members in the current coaching team; to appoint the needed additional staff and to provide an adequate measure of financial security for the athletes.

The National Braai Day Initiative aims to position National Heritage Day as South Africa's annual day of celebration. The initiative calls on all South Africans to unite around fires, share our heritage and wave our flag on 24 September every year. The initiative also includes the National Braai Tour, Jan Braai for Erfenis television series, South African of the Year and National Braai Night.