The objectives of the project are to work with metro governments to help them deliver increased jobs and opportunities for expanding populations; to promote game-changing approaches to youth unemployment; to change the narrative on transformation through facts, analysis and a wider national perspective to link it with faster growth and inclusion of millions of black South Africans into the economy; and to develop practical proposals for a new government in 2019. CDE also aims to help identify common ground and allies for important policy reforms, to strengthen business leaders and organisations and many others in civil society, cities, politics and government to think differently about how to move South Africa forward.

The doctoral support programme of the Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences at Stellenbosch University selects ten new doctoral students every year from applications across Africa and beyond and provide the support needed to complete their PhD's in three years.

The knowledge generated in the process has the potential to stimulate innovations and economic growth in Africa, and it provides the next generation of academics and leaders in the public and private sector in Africa

The project aims to investigate the role of the Public Investment Corporation in the South African economy; by engaging with literature on the international experience relating to the systemic implications of pension funds as large as the Public Investment Corporation;  engaging with experts in financial markets and relevant regulatory entities;  engaging with office bearers in the Public Investment Corporation; the Government Employees Pension Fund and the unions, and to produce a report in order to stimulate greater public debate.