The aims of the project are to expand the knowledge of and vocabulary in Afrikaans of learners in Grade 1 to Grade 10 and to encourage the effective use of Afrikaans;  to arrange spelling competitions according to a prescribe format in every class in Grade 1 to Grade 10 in participating schools, as well as in circuits, districts, provinces and on a national level;  to draw up spelling list (with the help of curriculum advisors and lexicographers) for the various grades that meet the curriculum requirements of the Depart of Basic Education and to distribute them to the schools; to empower teachers with regards to the correct pronunciation and spelling of words in Afrikaans; to motivate the educators and other officials in the provincial departments of education to take ownership of the Spelfees project; to encourage striving for excellence amongst the learners and to identify exceptional learners; to develop similar spelling competitions in English and isiXhosa.